Atmospheric Monotypes

16 Sep


I spent the evening at Swansea Print Workshop, doing some monotypes. This technique stacks three coloured plates on top of each other – in yellow, red and blue. You can read more about it on my technical web page here. The technique gives one full-colour piece and one ‘ghost’ monotype, taken from a second pressing. Unlike most printmaking processes, you can’t make an edition of these. They are unique.


I developed the image from one of a series of drawings I did on my artist residency in Pakistan during April. We were travelling through the Punjab and I did almost 50 sequential pastel drawings, impressions of the landscape, atmosphere and weather surrounding us. I wasn’t sure how to develop these drawings. I edited them into a short film , ‘Drawn Punjab’ and now I’m going to make a series of monotypes.


I usually do monotypes of the human form, not landscapes or atmospherics, but I’m reasonably pleased with this first one. I can see what I want to modify so I might do it again and use stiff brushes to soften it and maybe use more blue. We’ll see.

Getting Started

15 Sep


All artworks have a starting point and this is where my next few drawings start their gestation. I’ve had some beautiful A2 vintage Saunders paper for a while, not knowing what to do with it. So today I took a cheap window cleaning squeegee and scraped some black acrylic screen printing medium over some of them. Then I did the same with gold medium on top. I’m not sure what I’ll do next, that’s for another day.

Finger Drawing

14 Sep


This is the last of the digital drawings I did at this week’s life drawing session. I forgot to take the stylus that goes with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet so I had to draw with my finger. It’s the first time I’ve done this and I’m quite pleased with the results. It’s much softer and smudgier than normal. I used the free Markers app, saving frequently to show the development of the drawing.

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A Digital Head

13 Sep


Here’s another digital sketch I did at life drawing this week. I used the free Markers app on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and saved regularly to make a slide show of the development of the drawing.

This is a marvellous model with a very interesting and strong face.

Gone Fishing

12 Sep


Husb and I are keen walkers and we’re having a great late summer here at the moment, with a spectacular Supermoon and high tides. We went for a walk along the promenade at Mumbles, a little former fishing village at the Western tip of Swansea Bay. I stopped to sketch three of the many people fishing in the exceptionally high tide. I used two Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens, sizes S and B and some graphite pencils into my leather bound Steampunk sketchbook.

Life Drawing And Northern Lights

11 Sep


Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop. I did quite a few digital drawings on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8 using the free Markers app. Here’s 2 of them. I’ll blog the others tomorrow.


Husb and I are off out now in a minute. There’s been a massive solar flare over the past few days and there’s a possibility of seeing the Aurora Borealis this far south, but we’ll have to get out of the city centre away from the artificial light. It’s going to be chilly. And late.

Another Curry Quickie

10 Sep


Here’s another quick sketch I did the other evening at our local curry house, the incomparable Vojon. Sketching in public forces you to be quick and it also forces you to zone in on the essential details, which is really good practice. Drawn with a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen, size S into my little A6 spotty sketchbook.

Supermoon Random

9 Sep


We’ve had a fabulous supermoon the past couple of nights. I had prepared some Khadi handmade paper sketchbook pages with Indian ink wash some months ago. It had stippled heavily over some parts of the sheet. Inspired by the supermoon, I made just a few marks on it with a white oil bar to give the impression of moonlight over Swansea Bay. Sometimes it’s nice to do a piece of art at random, rather than draw something meticulously from life.

Husb and I went for a walk along the beach this evening. It was high tide, the moon was up and we had a workout on the free gym on the promenade. It’s a great place to live, we’re so lucky.


Quickie In The Curry House

8 Sep


A young relative did well in her recent G.C.S.Es and deserved a curry, so we went to our favourite curry house, the most excellent Vojon, and after took a spin to Mumbles for an ice cream. I managed a quick sketch in the Vojon, in between mouthfuls of Handi lamb Polongwala.


7 Sep


Husb and I spent a couple of happy hours yesterday with friends in Cwmdonkin Park, made famous by the author and poet, Dylan Thomas. It’s the centenary of his birth this year and there are loads of events to commemorate it in Swansea, including the arts fair in Cwmdonkin, with music, poetry and visual arts. There was also a burger van. I did this sketch into my leather Steampunk sketchbook with Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens, sizes S and B.


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