50 Shades Of Pink!

22 Jul


What is it about we pale skinned Brits that whenever the temperature rises to anything hotter than lukewarm, we strip off as many clothes as we can legally get away with and broil ourselves under the hot sun? I went for a stroll on Swansea Beach this afternoon and it was pretty full of people roasting themseles to various shades of pink – salmon, peach, puce, cerise, magenta, fuschia, candy, Barbi, strawberry, blush, lobster, livid red, third degree burns!


I stopped for a scribble in my little A6 spotty sketchbook with a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen, size S. I hadn’t been at it long when I noticed my legs hurting and looked down to see two puce appendages sticking out of the bottom of my cut-off leggings, clashing horribly with my purple pumps. Ychyfi! (That’s Welsh for Yuck). Maybe I’ll get myself a burkini.

Jamming And A Hot Cat

21 Jul


It’s probably been the hottest day of the year so far, in the upper 20sC and the cat is sleeping on a fleecy blanket on top of the hot water boiler! And she wears a fur coat! I ended up in the kitchen for hours making jam. There’s been a glut of blackcurrants on the allotment so jamming is stage 1 in the preservation process. Some have been bagged and frozen and the rest will be converted to cordial tomorrow.

I did a quick digital scribble of Ming the Merciless as she slept on the boiler, using the free Markers app on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8.

A Happy Accident

20 Jul


Husb and I spent most of today down the allotment, digging, harvesting, weeding, laying slabs, pruning, watering. It was boiling hot and we’re shattered. A hot bath with Epsom Salts helped to ease the aches. I wasn’t in the mood to do any drawing but I’ve set myself the goal of drawing every day so I got stuck into my Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8 using the free Markers app.

Husb was looking at his Tablet and it was highlighting his face in the dark living room. I put in a dark grey background and worked quickly in black, white and greys.

It’s different to the way I normally work and that’s because I was too tired to bother. But I like this. A happy accident.

Pushing The Sketch.

19 Jul


I’ve been working at Creative Bubble artspace this week, trying out some different approaches to my sketchbook drawings. I have possibly thousands of them and I want to see if I can develop original work from some of the sketches. I also wanted to work big and to try and get away from my linear comfort zone.

Creative Bubble is an artspace run by the University of Wales Trinity St. Davids aka the art college. Graduates and art students can book to use the space to develop their artistic pursuits. I’ve been working here with the 15 Hundred Lives collective for a couple of days a month for the past year and we throw open the door to the public, so people can wander in and see what it is that artists do and how we create an artwork from scratch.

I did three large drawings from my sketches, working with willow charcoal, compressed charcoal and chalk onto brown wrapping paper. I spent a lot of time thinking and researching theory during the process. I need to carry on pushing in this direction, it feels right but I’m a long way from where I want to be.


Even More BIG. A daily drawing blog.

18 Jul


Another day at the Creative Bubble artspace in the city centre and I carried on drawing big. I’m trying to push out of my comfort zone which is minimalist line drawing, preferably small and with a fine pen. So here I am for a few days drawing very big with chalk and charcoal onto sheets of brown wrapping paper.

Fierce Foreshortening ( Male Nude)

17 Jul


Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop. Tonight’s pose gave me a go at some terrific foreshortening, with the right hand and foot thrust forward. Drawn with a Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8 using the free Markers app in 40 minutes.

More BIG Stuff

16 Jul


Back to the Creative Bubble artspace in the city centre today with fellow artist, collagist Sylvie Evans. We’re both part of the 15 Hundred Lives collective and we’re using the space all week to work big and try out some new ideas.


On Friday and Saturday we’ll be opening the doors so that people can come in and see us if they want to get an idea of what goes into making art.



Here’s the one I did yesterday, focusing on light and shade.

Working BIG

15 Jul


I’m spending a few days in an artspace in the city centre with a fellow artist, we want to work big so we’re basing ourselves in Creative Bubble until the end of the week and doing massive stuff on the walls. I’m working from sketchbook life drawings, in charcoal and chalk on brown wrapping paper.


My colleague from the 15 Hundred Lives collective, Sylvie Evans, is working on a massive collage. We’re going to open the doors to the public at the end of the week so people can see how we work.


And this evening I went for a paddle in Swansea Bay. It’s gorgeous. I’m so lucky to live here.

Gestures On The Beach

13 Jul


I was on the beach in Swansea Bay again earlier, having a walk and a workout on the outdoor gym equipment. I stopped awhile to have a bit of a scribble into my little spotty sketchbook, size A6, with a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen size S.


Typically called gesture drawings, these speedy sketches force you to analyse quickly and just get down the fundamentals, no time for the details.

Silly Slippers

12 Jul


Today has been hectic with visits to Cardiff in the afternoon and Trebanos this evening. Got back home about 10.30 pm so I was straight into my pajamas and silly slippers and that’s what I have sketched into my Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8 using the free Markers app.

Bedtime now :)


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